Shared values, a dynamic organisation

The independence of our firms is the «golden rule» of the group. Every member, in keeping with their own  career and the wealth of their experience, brings, according to the requests made, a variety of solutions in  terms of benefits, services and recommendations.

The trust that each member has in themselves is the key to the success and longevity of the group. Having a thorough knowledge of ourselves enables us to act freely in order to achieve efficiency. The empathy and  friendly warmth that drives the group’s meetings guarantee real knowledge sharing, as human relationships  are characterised by respect and equality.

Integration laced with generosity leads to reciprocity between the members. Participation in the active life of the group is unpaid, consequently keeping subscription costs low; the simple desire to share ideas, experiences and projects, for your own benefit or to enhance the dynamics of the group. Profit is not a goal, rather taking part in a harmony and balance between trust, generosity and integration in our discussions.

An association focused on respect and progress

Each member firm, through its own individuality, initiative and strength is well placed to privilege the success of the company and institution’s objectives.
It calls upon, when appropriate, its professional partners within the association, with their confirmed and  complementary competences, in compliance with its strategy and the regulations applicable to its expertise.

With a wealth of experience, favouring its management’s training, regularly organising meetings on specific topics and hosting research and study commissions, the EuraAudit International association asserts, over the  years and with its clients’ confidence, its authenticity and its capacity to become a significant and major player in its professional environment.