Areas of expertise

On continuous standby, the EuraAudit International association developed various areas of expertise, centred  on audit assignments, accounting expertise, and general, analytical and budget accounting, as well as strategic advice.

This expertise includes advice for organisations, on taxes as well as regarding business law, company law and employment law.

Member firms of the EuraAudit International association, due to the relevance of their analysis and their understanding of economic issues, have entire legitimacy to follow and direct the general strategy for  companies and institutions, and to meet their specific requirements.

Specialised advice

Wealth management advice

  • Investment advice and management
  • Company transfers
  • Company purchases by the employees
  • Mergers, partial business transfers, splits
  • Stock Exchange listings
  • Anticipated retirement of principals and associates
  • Preparation of successions and divisions

Management training, specific and functional training

  • Accounting, tax, financial, legal and social
  • Human resources
  • Coaching
  • Organisational

Missions carried out by our members' firms


  • Contractual or legal revision of the accounts
  • Acquisition audit
  • Revision prior to the listing on the stock exchange of company shares
  • Investment commission

Accounting expertise; general, analytical and budget accounting

  • Outsourcing of bookkeeping
  • Overseeing general and analytical accounting
  • Preparing annual accounts and intermediate situations
  • Preparing consolidated accounts
  • Analysis of profit & loss by activity
  • Budget management
  • Preparing reporting schedules
  • Application of national and international accounting norms, IAS/ IFRS

Advice for the administrative organisation

  • Analysis of internal processes
  • Organisation of administrative, accounting and financial structures

Financial Diagnosis and Management

  • Cash flow forecast
  • Financial analysis
  • Financing plan
  • Relationships with banking and financial institutions
  • Assistance and advice for financial restructuring
  • Evaluation of companies and shareholdings

Tax advice

  • Advice, assessment and consulting at national and international level
  • Advice to company leaders, managers and private individuals
  • Advice on VAT at national and international level
  • Tax optimisation for companies and their managers

Legal advice for company law and Human resources

  • Advice and handling of any operation (formation, capital increase, transfer of securities, merger,  transformation, split, dissolution, liquidation)
  • Company secretary
  • Contracts and leases, economic legislation
  • Advice on matters of employment legislation and regulations
  • Profit sharing and participation
  • Social statement (assessment, set-up and control)
  • Preparation of wages and inherent social charges