A synergy of expertise, a common drive to be successful in your development

The internationalisation of accounting and financial processes requires increasingly updated skills, economic monitoring and on-going training. Even the energy of an individual cannot meet every challenge. A structured  associated group that also guarantees the independence of each member while providing them with the  benefit of the experience, talent and know-how of their peers, is a relevant and efficient solution for the  successful business development of each member. EuraAudit International allows professional connections to knit together in the service of an increasingly demanding and mobile clientele. Discover all the advantages and unique features of the association EuraAudit International, bringing together independent professionals  involved in the economic development of their areas of influence.

Let’s get together and discuss, allowing your firm to seize the opportunity perhaps even to grow.


The relevance of analysis and advice, The need for performance

The globalisation of markets, the multiplication and complexity of issues and risks create a constantly changing economic environment.
Faced with these challenges and major fluctuations, and the strategic choices they bring with them, decision  makers in business require that they are fully and accurately informed by sound information.

Every firm, both active and reactive members of the EuraAudit International group commits its multidisciplinary  skills and fully involves its teams in order to support the development and growth of the businesses and  institutions who entrust them with their professional standing.

As a member of the association, each firm also benefits from the knowledge of its fellow members dedicated to the practices and regulations of a country they themselves are not familiar with, allowing customers to be  fully informed and supported in their whole approach.

A group focused on respect and progress

Every member firm, with its own personality and strength of initiative and synthesis, prioritises the success of the objectives of its clients, whether a business, institution or private individual.
It mobilises, where applicable, its professional partners within the group, with their asserted and  complementary skills, while respecting the strategy and rules of the craft of their expertise.

Rich in experience, encouraging management training, regularly organising themed meetings and leading  research and study commissions, the EuraAudit International group has, over the years, asserted its  authenticity and its ability to become a significant and major player within its professional sphere.

Every year EuraAudit International publishes «Taxes in Europe», a must-read reference work analysing and  comparing the various European taxation systems, drawn up for each country by a local firm, in French and in  English. EuraAudit also publishes specialised books such as «IAS Standards».

EuraAudit International offers its partner businesses and institutions management and specific role training  initiatives and day courses.