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The next annual meeting "Las Americas", will hold from March 6 to 10.





2018: BLABLA



2017 : LIMA - PERU

The next annual meeting "Las Americas", will hold from January 19th to 23rd, 2017.


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It is in the capital of Uruguay that was held from January 28th to February 1st 2016, the meeting of members of EuraAudit International, acting on the continent "America". 10 countries, with 20 delegates were present, and the Board of the association was represented by Mr Klaus KUCHENBUCH, Adriano CANCELLARI and Georges ARCELIN.
On this occasion, fruitful exchanges and high quality technical papers have marked the sessions. They were unanimously appreciated as very intense and relevant, in an excellent spirit of conviviality and common will to further develop the effective and complementary working relationship between all members.
Among the highlights of this meeting, it should be noted the presentation of the book "Taxes in America / The taxes in America" ​​by Mr. Fernando AGLIANO (Argentina) and the presentation by Mr. Juan BALPARDA, the Institution Uruguay XXI on the financial system and investment opportunities in host countries.
Furthermore, a conference hosted by Carlos Mendoza (Peru) on the subject of transfer prices in America and its management tools, captivated the audience and a specific communication made by Mr. Adriano CANCELLARI concerning transfer pricing in Europe, with a particular focus on Italy, completed this important topic.

A short tourist program, attractive for its diversity and cultural richness, concluded this successful meeting with each member present was keen to raise the excellence of trade and communications and the warm quality of the welcome.

* Montevideo (founded in 1726) is the capital, the main port and the largest city in Uruguay. It is located in the southern part of the country, bordered by the Rio de la Plata and with magnificent beaches, and has about 1.5 million residents. This city is the headquarters of Mercosur (Southern Common Market) and the ALADI (the Latin American Integration Association) and is considered the Latin American city where quality of life is the highest, part of the 30 safest cities in the world. The town depends mainly on tourism and hosts a large number of museums as it retains many historic buildings in the old town.




This year the annual meeting "Las Americas" took place in Bogota, capital city of Colombia.
20 delegates were present and the Board of Directors of the Association was represented by Yves MARGUERAT Adriano CANCELLARI and Emili COLL
At this meeting, the quality of exchanges and information was underligned. The discussions, the general view, very intense and relevant in an excellent spirit of conviviality and common will to further develop efficient and complementary collaborative relationships between all members.
A short tourist program concluded this meeting with each member present was keen to improve the quality and importance.

* Bogota (in Spanish: Bogotá, Bogotá Distrito Capital, Bogotá D.C.) 2, 3, formerly Santa Fe de Bogotá Distrito Capital, is the capital of Colombia and also that of the Cundinamarca department. It was founded August 6, 1538 by the Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada. Next the organization of a decentralized unitary and district capital, Bogota enjoys autonomy to the management of its interests within the limits imposed by the Constitution and the law. Composed of 20 districts, it is the undisputed metropolis of the country to the points of administrative, economic and political.
Bogota is located in the center of Colombia, in a natural area called savannah of Bogotá (Spanish: Sabana de Bogotá) located in the southern part of the Altiplano Cundiboyacense together highlands of the Cordillera Oriental, an offshoot of the Cordillera Andes. In terms of area, Bogotá is the largest city in Colombia, and its 2640 meters altitude makes it the third highest capital in the world after La Paz (Bolivia) and Quito (Ecuador). In 2013, the population of Bogotá and its metropolitan area, which includes municipalities such as Chía, Cota, Soacha Cajica and La Calera, amounts to 8,744,000 inhabitants. It extends over 33 km from north to south, and 16 km from east to west.