2016 - Barcelona. Spain

Barcelona 2016: an intense annual Congress for controlled development and a constructive and dynamic AG.
21 October 2016Barcelona, capital of Catalonia (Spain), welcomed more than 150 participants, representing more than 50 countries, at the annual Congress of EURAAUDIT, in partnership with INTERLEGAL. Like this international, multicultural, vibrant and lively city, this traditional meeting was marked by a sense of conviviality, intense professional exchanges and sharing of communications and enlightening documents.
At the opening of the congress, the President Mr Klaus KUCHENBUCH addressed his warm congratulations in particular to the host team for the excellence of the organisation and the quality of the welcome to this 26th congress. "We are sharing a tremendous adventure, in both professional and human terms, during our development. Many new members adhere to our associative philosophy and our values, which is evidence of our vitality and legitimacy of our brand personality. Our foundations are solid," he declared, concluding his welcome speech.

Mr. Adam BOOC, President of INTERLEGAL, then confirmed how the partnership between the two associations was strengthening each year and was creating clear added value and growth in knowledge among its members.

A mobilising programme to provide coherent and beneficial development.
After these presidential speeches, it was the institutional intervention of Mr. Albert CASTELLANOS, Director General for Economic Promotion, Competition, and Regulation of Markets, at the Catalan Government's Ministry of the Economy and Finance which caught the Assembly's attention before each firm appeared before it to consolidate and strengthen networking.
The first technical conference by Dr. Maria Jose ESTEBAN* on the "re-emergence of the 'Big 4' in legal services" fascinated the audience. Based on her research into the role of multidisciplinary networks in the world market for such services, she particularly focused her talk on innovation and the strategic management of quality within law firms.
The second conference entitled "How to detect accounting manipulations" particularly captivated EuraAudit members. Mr. Oriol AMAT**, recalling the objectives of his presentation (understanding the concept of legal and illegal accounting manipulation, and identifying the main ways to detect manipulation using external public information) broadly developed this issue of importance with supporting graphs and charts, concluding his speech on the challenges and key roles it required, including to protect investors and avoid market abuses.
After these conferences the special workshop for the network took place with the theme "International EuraAudit, regroup for the future". Through several groups led by moderators, this allowed meaningful and collegial contributions as to the future of the association (international growth, development of new services, optimisation of the Organisation, etc.).
The day after the Annual Conference an Annual General Meeting of EuraAudit took place, unanimously confirming the items on the agenda. The President concluded the Conference with a unifying message and a solid outlook: "Our association strives for excellence. Our grouping, with each member having its own specialisations and with common synergy, allows us to grasp the future with the desire for performance to serve our customers and the permanent addition of new skills to sustain it."

"Digest" biographies of the guest speakers:
* Dr. Maria José ESTEBAN is a lecturer at ESADE and an associate researcher at the Harvard Law School. Associated with the firm law Bufete Escura, she is a licensed lawyer, included in the ranking of the Best Lawyers of Spain since 2010.Holder of a Doctorate in Business Administration, she was recently elected member of the Royal European Academy of Doctors of Barcelona.
* Mr. Oriol AMAT is Professor of Financial Economy and Accounting at the University Pompeu Fabra and Director of the Masters in Accounting and Finance at the Barcelona School of Management. A holder of many degrees, including a doctorate in Business Administration, he is also member of the Catalan Parliament, President of the Catalan Association of Accounting (ACCID) and from 2015, President of the Spanish Registry of Chartered Accountants. He has published several books and articles in academic and professional journals and regularly acts as visiting professor in European, American and Asian universities, or as a speaker at international conferences.