2015 - Miami, Florida, United States

Miami: a sunlit annual conference full of renewable energy and a constructive and moving general assembly.

26 October 2015: Miami hosted the annual conference of EuraAudit, with over 150 participants. Like the city, which is cosmopolitan, multicultural, captivating and bold, the professional meeting displayed the same spirit: conviviality and solidarity with rich, dense and varied exchange and discussions, openness to new horizons, and promising enthusiasm for development.
The President Yves Marguerat started the proceedings by warmly congratulating the host team for the perfect organisation of the conference and reminded participants that it was the 25th of its kind: "25 years of an exciting and promising adventure. At each stage of development, men and women of talent joined our grouping to make it ever stronger and efficient. And if EuraAudit is now celebrating its 25th conference, that is proof of its vitality and necessity.
The recipe of our collective growth relies on ingredients that make it original and authentic: respect, trust, sharing, discipline, competence and tolerance.
In a world that is fiercely competitive and obsessed by immediate results, the values we have selected and defended have set our grouping on strong foundations. They have fostered the recognition of our identity and the unique personality of our brand".
A programme oriented towards diversification and development.
After a technical presentation of FATCA by Ms Beth Attebery and Mr Anthony Barr followed by discussions with the public, Michael Diaz Jr* described some practical cases of fraud, with a particular reference to the situation at FIFA.
He was followed by Mr Jorge Salazar-Carillo** whose talk focussed on the host country of the conference, with a presentation on the "Capability of the USA to face and rise above an economic crisis faster than the rest of the world".
On that same subject, the book 'IAS/IFRS-US GAAP ... on the road to convergence' was presented, with a discussion coordinated by Mr Pedro Sevsec and the participation of two foreign entrepreneurs based in the USA.
To end the day in the spirit of the preceding debates and discussions, Mr Leopoldo Rios Jr elaborated on all the benefits, reasons and best solutions for investing in the USA.
The President closed the conference with a rallying and mobilising message: "Let us work together to aim for excellence and make our grouping stronger, by giving it our best to multiply our future potential for efficiency".

Yves Marguerat: two terms marked by discipline, vigour and happiness, or a passion for union and innovation!

On the day following the annual conference, an ordinary general meeting of EuraAudit was held. After accepting the position of President of the grouping in 2009 at the conference in Venice for a three-year term that was renewed in 2012, Mr Yves Marguerat has ended his tenure with a remarkable result, recognised by all members: 42 board meetings, 7 conferences, 6 meetings in Paris, 4 Americas conferences and 1 Eastern Europe conference, and a number of books: 6 European tax books, with a redesign of the latest version, 3 books about IAS/IFRS standards (Russian, French-English and Spanish-English), a book on a comparison between IAS/IFRS and US GAAP standards, etc. In his last presidential speech, he told members: "I can only hope that EuraAudit will continue to grow thanks to the perseverance of its members in this great field of giants that our profession has become in a globalised world. That, dear colleagues, is what I wanted to share with you, with emotion, conviction, passion and pride, at a time when our grouping is turning a new page. The last little reminder is that next year, we will celebrate the 30 years of EAI. We have reason to be proud! I was honoured by your trust. I was carried by your solidarity. I was driven by your conviviality. So I have only one thing to say: Thank you. And long live EuraAudit".
He will be succeeded by Klaus Kuchenbuch.


Biography of speakers invited:
* Mr Michael Diaz Jr was born in Cuba, and is the former assistant of Attorney General Janet Reno. This bilingual international lawyer is a founding partner of the international law firm Diaz Reus. He is remarkable in court, and has successfully completed legal investigations and action, particularly in high-profile cases relating to corruption, financial matters and drugs; he has assisted individuals and companies who have been victims of financial fraud on an international scale in recovering their assets.
** Mr Jorge Salazar-Carillo, author and publisher, holds a doctorate from the University of California (Berkeley); he is a former professor of the Brookings Institution and a former lecturer of the University of Georgetown and is a brilliant and renowned researcher in most business areas. His current fields of research relate to the modern economies of Asia and South America (including Cuba), and macro and micro-economics in the USA.