2014- Saint Julian's - Malta

90 members of the EuraAudit International group (network of chartered accountants) and 30 members of Interlegal (international network of lawyers), representing 32 countries, are to participate in this joint congress. Although there have already been professional meetings between these two organisations, it is the first time they have come together for cultural activities, and in particular plenary sessions with the aim of harmonising and identifying their complementary areas of competence, in order to offer their clients an outstanding service.

They will be welcomed respectively by the presidents Yves Marguerat (EuraAudit International) and Miguel Neto (Interlegal), in the presence of the Honorable Professor Edward Scicluna, Minister of Finances of Malta.

This congress will begin with a conference by Mr. Francis HC Bouman on "The ethical dilemmas", a subject common to the two professions and provided for in both the Code of Ethics of the IFAC and that of lawyers. A communication which is particularly important for this congress assembly, which regularly has to face this sensitive problem, in order to be able to confidently deal with it.
Presentations will also be given, including in particular: "Why set up business in Malta" and "Working with international financial institutions: a challenge to be taken up".
Themed workshops (Audit Standards: Use of the work of a third-party expert / taxation and the digital economy, a rapidly changing world / IAS/IFRS standards / application of standard 41 on Agriculture / Marketing, etc.) will then allow each congress member, depending on their specific area of expertise, to exchange their experiences and to perfect their skills.

This congress, shared by EuraAudit International and Interlegal, will close with a general assembly of each of the two organisations.

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