Amsterdam Annual Congress 2013

 28 countries representing 44 offices (out of 58 network members), 83 congress participants, during 5 days : short summary of this 23rd congress held in Amsterdam, perfectly organized by our local hosts, the office Graham Smith & Partners, of whom its manager John as well as its collaborator Karine. With Eric Mercanton-Malikov’s always very helpful involvement, as the Board’s congresses’ coordinator, and with EuraAudit’s administrative secretary Jerome Moyemont-Singer’s help.

To friendly meetings, with the new members and those who could not attend before then, succeeded committee work and workshops, in presence of two official translators. A synthesis’ meeting and a Board of directors ended this very enriching congress, thanks to the speakers’ and professional communications’ introductions’ quality.
So, Mrs Dorien de Voogd, partner at Warendorf SA, business law firm, also counting solicitors, with both national and international customers, spoke out a very eloquent plea about «Why investing in the Netherlands ?»’s advantages. John Graham’s intervention followed her speech, with a remarkable presentation of his country’s tax system (Graham Smith & Partners International, created in 1988, is councillor in specialized international tax system).
As for Mr Joan Majó*, his very dynamic and incredibly convincing conference was about «Getting out of the Crisis – Not when, but how and on which parameters and with which original methods». A very clear-sighted, constructive and attractive approach to help apprehending the future with both confidence and serenity, which got the whole crowd fascinated and interested.

*Mr Joan Majó’s « digest » biography : Electronics Doctor-Engineer, holder of a political sciences Master's degree, Catalan politician, Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences’ member, he combined public and professional life, while occupying companies’ heads, Olivetti Spain, impulsa TDT’s Chairman, company in charge of the terrestrial numerical television in Spain. He also was the first democratically elected Mayor of the city of Mataró (110.000 inhabitants), as well as Industry Minister in Felipe Gonzáles’ government (1985-1986), member of the Executive Committee for 1992 Barcelona’s Olympics, « hors class » councillor for the European Commission from to 1989-1994. He also is the author of various economical books.

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